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Thursday, April 7, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Spring 2011 Collection

Like many of you, I've been constantly checking out MAC's website for new collections, receiving email updates, and everything else you can imagine.  My eye has been set on their Jeanius Collection, which is new for the Spring 2011.  Reason is, indigo and purple faceted colors, I believe are bold and different, which makes it exciting and refreshing. 

 Lipstick Lipstick
Images provided by MAC Cosmetics
 Colors in their lipstick palettes such as "Riveting Rose" and "Pretty Please" are both very different.  They are definitely designed for trendy spring wear, and present either a bold or delicate look.  I'm really loving these right now! 

As mentioned on, Pretty Please is a pale pink pearl color that's perfect for the delicate at heart.  But if you are one who's daring to try something a bit on the darker side, Riveting Rose is anything but delicate.  As mentioned on, Riveting Rose is a deep burgendy color with a hint of blue pearl.  Talk about different!  Hearing burgendy and blue, I am excited to try this one out.

There are 3 colors in total in the lipstick palettes (Acid Washed, Riveting Rose and Pretty Please) but I am going to focus on the two mentioned when I post up my review.

I'm headed to MAC today and can't wait to try these out!  I'll keep you makeup lovers posted!  Until then, stay glamorous!